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Williams Level 7 Game ROM DASM - jaskey - 10-09-2013 10:48 AM

Okay, I got this cleaned up a bit and figured I would share..


This was one of the first C++ programs I ever wrote, it is UGLY in there... beware!

W7DASM is currently set up for compilation in Borland C++ Builder v6.0 (you can find copies online). However I would love it if someone would port it to C# and throw a GUI on it. :-)

There are example config files included in the source. There are no disassembled sources in the package or ROM images but it is straightforward to figure out.

The DASM'ed source should be re-compilable using PinbBuilder libraries and compilers located at..

PM me if you have quesions or want to work on updating it. Im happy to host a page and/or updates on

Have fun!!