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williams system 3-7, 11 memory protect
11-14-2013, 06:10 AM
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williams system 3-7, 11 memory protect
I know that the memory protect circuit is supposed to block access to the nvram if the coin door is closed; this is illustrated on a system 11 machine when the batteries fail, you get "adjust failure" on the display and when you open the coin door, you get the factory settings restored message.

This signal must be fudged in pinmame as you do not get the adjustfailure display at all, simply the factory settings restored.

How does the game know the door is open/closed? The signal goes from the door switch to some gated logic - missing completely the register that is being read to see this. It doesn't even try to load the adjust failure message to try and trap the code involved.

Earlier games as well.... where's it reading the info?

Had a request to mod roms to not require batteries; (the collector has >100 games and doesn't want to worry about the batteries ever leaking) - I realize he could just defeat the coin door switch, but I don't like leaving things 1/2 finished. I'm sure it's something dumb that I'm just missing.
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