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Altering Sound ROMs
01-03-2016, 03:55 AM (This post was last modified: 01-03-2016 04:03 AM by zap.)
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Altering Sound ROMs

I'm new here! I'm Zap and into pinball since I was a kid, owned a Silverball Mania back then, sold it 15 years ago. Now I got back to pinball and finally bought a TAF the other day.

Playing the machine and having played a lot of T2 recently, I thought it would be funny to replace the 'THING FLIPS' announcements with the T2 gun announcements ("Well played, Thing!" > "A direct hit!", "You're really on the ball"> "Awesome!", "Missed!" > "You missed!"). As far as I understand, each sample is located at a specific address in the sound ROM and called from that address by the CPU/Sound Controller(?). Since we have both sound ROMs available and both machines are WPC, we do not need to convert anything but only copy the samples from one ROM into the other. The question is: How does the CPU/Sound Controller know how long a sample is? Is that encoded in the sound ROM or the game ROM? I would rather not touch the game ROM at all. And I figure it will be necessary that the injected samples are equally long or shorter than the originals, because otherwise they overlap with the following sample space.

Also, I've only edited a binary once. And succeeded. But that was only a single byte Smile So I'm basically a noob when it comes to ROM hacking, but I have a rough idea what all this is about.

So can you tell me if it's actually as easy as I imagine or are there any major problems with this?
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