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Need a point to get started
05-14-2016, 05:31 AM
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Question Need a point to get started
Hello Community,

I'm here because I'm amazed by the opportunities that WPC-Rom customization offers and as a programmer the technical stuff should be doable once gotten into stuff.
Since I am really bad in reverse-engineering, I need some points to start from.
My general Idea is to deassemble an existing stock rom, debug and trace it in Visual PinMame, find out where values are read from that I may want to change, apply the change, reassemble it, apply the new checksum to it and retry it in Visual PinMame.

The problem I am facing is that documentation of how to debug with PinMame is either incomplete or offline. And I haven't found a toolset or a simple tool for disassembling a rom.

I know, I am still at the very beginning and my questions are more than basic, but it would be nice for me and others who want to get started modifying their roms if someone who knows how rom manipulation works would give a short overview with what disassembler the roms can be opened and how tracing in Visual Pinmame works.

Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to reading the replies,
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