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Pinmame exe modified for quick sound tests
03-09-2011, 05:38 PM
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Pinmame exe modified for quick sound tests
Attached is a pinmame exe file I built back in December of 2002 from pinmame source. This was built with edited source to allow quick and painless ability to play all sounds. I hope pinmame hasn't changed much over the years and you can just run this exe from your current pinmame directory. If you use the ini, you'll need to change the roms path to match your setup.

Start up pinmame as usual. Press F4 to go into sound test mode. Press 'del' to go into manual test mode. Now the edited pinmame allows you to simply use the up-down arrows to increment or decrement the entire 4-digit field. Unlike original pinmame, there's no need to use the left-right arrows. Just up-arrow, space (to play), up-arrow, space, up-arrow, space, etc.

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