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WPCEdit 2.0 - Bugs
07-02-2011, 07:30 PM
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WPCEdit 2.0 - Bugs
I wanted to start this thread to serve as a collection of known bugs in WPCEdit 2.0. This way when i get around to updating the software I can refer to this thread as things to check. Lets try to keep this thread as a bug-reporting topic and not so much about feature requests.

Known Issues:
1. I noticed when you get to the end of the graphics table, it will start to read non-graphic data as if it IS graphic data, and as a result may try to read outside the ROM memory which can cause a WPCEdit to crash. You can restart it and reload the ROM file after this happens. I need to fix so it won't every try to read outside the ROM memory space. WPCEdit isn't smart enough to know where the end of the graphic table is located so usually when you start seeing garbage (or it crashes) then you know you're at the end! WPC Rom doesn't have a "this is end of the graphic table" marker, so this is why WPCEdit just keeps going and trying to read non-graphic data as if it is part of the graphics table.

2. WPCEdit cannot decode graphic data from T2, GI, Slugfest and TOTAN. It would be nice to someday figure this one out. The early DMD games probably had differnet (or no) compression algorithm that WPCEdit doesn't know about. TOTAN is a mystery but with time could be figured out.

3. Some font/animation table data appears as garbage. This isn't necessarily a bug in WPCEdit but I noticed some WPC ROMs actually have bugs in their graphic table definitions where they have invalid data pointers or imporperly defined tables. If you have a particular ROM and want to know whether a garbage image is due to WPCEdit or due to bug in the WPC Rom, you can email me and I can try to take a look to figure out what's going on. Let me know the ROM and graphic or font number.

4. At this time WPCEdit has NO edit capabilities. You can only view data out of your ROM file but not edit it. The irony isn't lost on this one. Some day I'd like to have WPCEdit offer full graphic, font, animation, text, sound-call, edit capabilities. Technically it is possible to allow users to modify any of the data, but WPCEdit will need to be a LOT smarter in that it will need to re-organize the data to account for the different size of the changed graphic data. This is all future plans. At this moment I have a full time job and other obligations that have higher priority for me.
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