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WPC Free Credits?
04-10-2012, 02:31 AM
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WPC Free Credits?
With all of the flipper codes and easter eggs that have been uncovered, yet not documented in terms of effect, I started to wonder if there wasn't the possibility of one of these codes (or sequence of codes) leading to a free credit, or extra balls, or infinite "match" hits, etc.

Since reverse engineers like MrGlee have partial-to-complete disassembles of certain games, I wonder if they can't simply search for the byte sequence that matches the call to increment the credits counter and make sure that there aren't any calls in "strange" places.
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04-10-2012, 04:51 PM
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RE: WPC Free Credits?
Nope. I haven't seen any such thing. I'd be willing to bet the s/w guys wouldn't risk their jobs by putting such an easter egg into the product. Imagine if they did put such code in place and it got leaked into the public? Thousands of products would need to be upgraded to ensure operators revenue, and probably at the manufacturer's expense.

Now that being said, it would be pretty easy (well, from my perspective) to put in such an easter egg. The flipper-button combination could simply call the same code for service credit (which might not work in pins that don't allow service-credit when coin-door is closed) or the coin-up code.

Furthermore, I always figured it would have been a good compromise for the "home rom" releases to have such "feature". This way the ROM is pretty much ensured to be used only in the home. No operator would put a ROM into a route game which has a known flipper-button combination == free games. I guess somebody would come along and disable such code, thus allowing the "home rom" to be used on route anyway so nevermind Smile
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