PinHacks Tron Mini-Arcade Cabinet

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After getting several of these kits out into the wild I am taking a long break from making them. There are other projects that need my attention, but it's always possible I will return and make more. You're welcome to join the notification mailing list, which is the first place I will notify if and when more become available. Thanks very much for your interest. In the meantime, please note the link at the bottom of this page to instructions on how to build your own.


  • Redesigned, laser-cut cabinet
  • Brilliant OLED screen
  • Backlit marquee
  • Backlit inner decal
  • Backlit front panel
  • Simulated blacklight
  • Illuminated UV reactive "joystick"
  • Raised "spinner"
  • Vinyl, machine-cut decals
  • 906 LED flasher
  • Fully assembled

Installation takes 10 minutes. Instructions are available for download.

If you're interested in making your own, I've provided exhaustive links to the laser cut project file and all necessary hardware.